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Attic and Duo truss price comparison

If you are planning to build a house, you have to choose the appropriate type of truss which will satisfy your needs and will not be too expensive over the total cost of the project.

Prices are calculated considering that truss span is 10 and 20 meters and expected chord loads are 30 kg / m², a hanged load is 50 kg/m², but the distance between trusses is 600 mm.

As you can see from the chart, the lowest price for Duo truss is 61,37 EUR. To obtain this price, selected truss must be in the following configuration: truss span – 10 meters, roof slope – 20°, roof load – 30 kg/m², but snow load – 100 kg/m², but the cheapest option for Attic truss at 30° roof slope will cost you 99,81 EUR. Also, you can see that 600 EUR price difference per unit between both trusses observed in configuration at 20° roof slope.

So the main difference between these timber trusses is that the Attic truss allows obtaining spacious living area in the attic of your home. For example, you can get 5 m wide living room with a ceiling height of 2.20 meters, if the roof structure is built from the Attic trusses with truss span – 10 m and roof slope – 30°. Also for attic truss, unlike the Duo truss is applicable live load – 250 kg / m²

Attic truss construction living area (in yellow):

Duo truss construction living area (in yellow):