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How much does a roof cost? – this is a question asked on a daily basis (without exaggeration) by every 15th inhabitant
Wood is a content-rich material; therefore, it plays a significant role in almost all sectors of the economy.
Timber roof trusses is a modern and flexible solution; therefore, due to its beneficial
More often than not, the type of roof construction for apartment buildings is chosen
The type of roofing and the quality of its installation is crucial for the building in order to get the architect intended style.
How much does it cost to build a private house? The vast majority of builders traditionally allege that the price
Universal, but at the same time adaptable to individual needs and energy efficient
In this article, you will learn all about timber trusses – the types of trusses, the benefits of a truss, the cost of the project, and the right way
There are different types of floor structures – timber floor trusses, Ibeam floor joists, timber floor joists, reinforced concrete panels