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Geriausias pasirinkimas privačiam namui medinis santvaros stogas 1

The best choice for a private house is a timber trusses

Wood is a content-rich material; therefore, it plays a significant role in almost all sectors of the economy. Wood can be both smooth, pleasant to the touch and it has a variety of natural textures. Another favourable feature of wood is that it can be bent to an imaginary shape. The strength of wood is similar to that of concrete and metal, and in many cases, it even surpasses the technical properties of other materials. Wood is an excellent material that is widely used in industrial production in accordance with the designers’ sketches, so it is possible to build a house fast enough, without a long and unpleasant stage of the construction site. This time we are going to talk about roof constructions that are built in the factory as ready-made building elements but are assembled quickly enough on the plot, connected to the infrastructure and then ready for operation.

Fast and accurate

Fast and accurate roof construction projects

Companies that manufacture the load-bearing components of wooden frame houses mostly collaborate with other specific companies – the ones that deal in the production of timber roof trusses. One of such manufacturers is Freimans Timber Constructions. A wooden house with roof constructions of some other material would not seem to be either a logical or a sensible solution. Freimans Timber Constructions has been dealing in timber roof truss manufacturing for many years and has produced more than 1,000 different types of objects, thus accumulating considerable experience and ensuring impeccable quality. Therefore, the manufacturers of wooden frame houses confidently chose our company, as they are convinced of the accuracy of the final product.

They also know that all the deadlines will be observed and they will receive the professional advice and guidance of the company’s specialists regarding various reasonable requirements of customers. The configuration, dimensions and fastening of timber roof trusses in each object differ in accordance with the specifics. In order not to experience disappointment at this important stage, it is desirable to cooperate with companies that are reliable and trustworthy – manufacturers of timber roof trusses, which have been working in the market for a long time, with experience and a good reputation.

Cooperation based on quality

Valdis Graumanis, Head of the Eco Module:

Valdis Graumanis Head of the Eco Module chooses wooden trusses

– To tell the truth it has been quite a while as we are involved in this kind of manufacturing here in Latvia. We manufacture timber frame residential houses. All building elements – floors, ceilings, exterior wall panels are manufactured industrially and assembled together on the plot of land. Our customers are welcome to view the process on the construction site if they choose to do so unless their construction is ordered by our company. Assembly work is fast, without creating waste or disorder. Unfortunately, we are forced to import timber, because we cannot rely on Latvian suppliers. House outline, number of m2, layout configuration are not limiting values, everything is possible. We offer a wide range of private houses – standard solutions are available at a much friendlier total cost estimate, but if you are prepared to invest more money in the construction of the house, then together with our designers individual houses of individual planning and size can be ordered as well. There is a high demand in the market for 100-120 m2 single-storey private houses, but there are customers who wish to have a spacious house of 300-400 m2. Although there are standard models, it is necessary to change some technical details for each house. This is not complicated for an experienced manufacturer. People are not the same, and their expectations are different.

The wooden houses produced by the eco module stand out with a high energy efficiency class

The timber houses produced by the eco module stand out with their high-energy efficiency class, most of them meet the requirements of class A. Wooden frame panels are insulated with one of the types of stone wool, but if a customer wants, it is possible to increase the insulation thickness individually upon agreement.

Why was Freiman Timber Constructions chosen as a collaboration partner for the production of roof structures? While we were looking for a collaboration partner, we contacted several manufacturers of timber roof trusses in Latvia. Having summarized the obtained information on attitude, price and quality, Freiman Timber Constructions was recognized as the best collaboration partner. We were impressed by the professional attitude, excellent quality and prices. We trust our collaboration partner in regards to the calculations related to the development of the roof construction project. Specialists have enough experience to fulfil an order of any complexity and perform correct technical calculations. We rely upon the professionalism of Freiman Timber Constructions.

Wooden frame houses have different roof configurations

Wooden frame houses have different roof configurations. There are also flat roofs with a slight slope to drain rainwater. Wood is a great material for accurate roof truss geometry. Technologies have been developing and woodworking is becoming more and more precise. The public likes flat roofs but from a practical point of view, single-slope or gable roofs are more natural for the Latvian mentality. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the roof part can have a warm or cold attic; they can be both usable and not usable.

The installation of roof trusses is performed by the people of our company

The installation of roof trusses is performed by the people of our company, who know this process fully and who have extensive experience in project implementation. Professionals have the specific technical knowledge required to perform a quality assembly process.

Different materials can be used and chosen for the roofing depending on the wishes and expectations of the clients, but most still prefer metal roofing. They have a 30-year warranty, so you will not have to worry about the roof for that long.

Artūrs Āboliņš, Tivohouses Purchasing and Logistics Manager:

The optimal solution for the roof is wooden trusses

– For many years now, Tivo has been dealing in the production of fully technologically developed timber frame and modular houses, using the latest achievements in this industry. The building elements of wooden frame houses are built in the factory, then they brought to the construction site and assembled under the supervision of installation specialists, and in about two weeks, the building is already under the roof, connected to external engineering networks and ready for interior work. Modular houses are other categories of wooden constructions; they are fully manufactured in the factory as a whole with finishing and communications and are located on the plot of the client. The foundations of these buildings are usually built by the clients themselves, they are a relatively simple solution, because the dimensions of modular houses are small, therefore the created load is not large.

Energy efficient building construction TIVO

Tivo’s experience is sufficiently extensive as the company provides building of one-storey, two-storey and three-storey houses, as well as wooden apartment houses in Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and other European countries, of course there are construction projects in Latvia as well. Our specialists have also gained experience in Iceland, where mainly large wooden frame houses are exported. Our specialist calculate energy efficiency for each building and then it is built in accordance with national regulations.

Production of Tivo wooden frame and modular houses using Freimans roof constructions

We want to produce all building components by ourselves; if possible, for example, we also produce roof panels for some standard houses. However, for houses where there are large spans between the load-bearing structures, as well as for buildings of complex layout, the optimal solution for the roof is timber trusses. We always order them at the Freimans Timber Constructions factory. We are involved in multiple construction projects in Iceland, where one storey buildings dominate. As to family houses, they usually have very extensive premise layouts. The spans are correspondingly large, so correspondingly timber trusses must be used. The attics in these buildings are divided, people want the sloping planes of the roof to be visible above the living room and kitchen area, so they are insulated from the inside and the material specified by the customer is used for decoration. On the other hand, insulated horizontal coverings are formed above the bedroom, toilet and other rooms, and a cold attic above them. Single-sloped, double-sloped, four-sloped roofs are built from wooden trusses for customers in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Single sloped double sloped four sloped roofs are built from wooden trusses according to the customers wishes.

The delivery to Iceland can only be made by sea containers, in which case the dimensions of the containers are to be taken into the account. This in turn also limits the dimensions of the building elements to be manufactured. However, a solution can always be found so that the Icelandic customer from Latvia receives exactly what they want.

Cooperation with Freiman Timber Constructions is based on successful communication

Collaboration with Freiman Timber Constructions is based on successful communication focused on an end result of high quality. When a roof truss project for an object is designed and developed, the designers of our company communicate with Freimans Timber Constructions specialists, jointly search for the most rational solution and develop technical specifications. As a purchasing specialist, all I have to do is contact the manufacturers of wooden trusses, agree on the amounts, terms and payment conditions. Over the years, Freiman Timber Constructions has grown, daily volumes have increased significantly, so we as partners are to place orders on time, without leaving it to the last minute.