Roof constructions

Convenient and economical solution, which is manufactured with excellent precision for efficient results.
Our roof trusses are very suitable for smaller buildings like residential houses, and also for bigger constructions like shopping malls. By replacing metal structures with timber roof trusses, you will reduce constructions costs by at least 15%.

By choosing timber truss solution when your project is in design stage, you will save space, as the construction of roof trusses does not require additional inner load-bearing walls. Construction costs will also significantly decrease. Since our timber trusses are manufactured with precision up to 2 millimeters, possible mistakes during the building process will be reduced to the minimum. Following customer's request, we are able to design the most complicated roof construction drawings.


Timber trusses are factory-built roof constructions. They are placed on external load-bearing walls. To save on roof constructions it is recommended to add an inner load-bearing wall.

The roof structure consists of a number of trusses, which are symmetrically arranged to cover the building from one end to the other. Unlike rafter roof that are put together on site, timber trusses are manufactured at the factory and delivered to the construction site for ready-made installation.

Advantages of timber structures
Timber Economy
Using timber trusses, you can save up to 30% of timber in comparison to traditional roof structures which are made of rafter. This timber economy also affects costs of the structure
Extensive use possibilities
By creating roof structures and using wooden trusses, you can choose from a wide variety of roof shapes, and customize the roof to a wide variety of architectural needs of customers.
Large-span roof structures
Without additional supports the largest size of timber truss span we can manufacture is 35 meters in length. Large-span structures are usually built for such buildings as - warehouses, farms, stables, etc.
When choosing your roof construction, you can reduce the cost by at least 15% by choosing timber structure instead of metal structure.
Easy storage on the project site
Wooden trusses are delivered at the moment when the customer is ready to install them, so there is no need for a large area for storing at the project location.
Installation time economy
Compared with other roof structures, wooden trusses are pre-fabricated and roof installation on house can take much less time. The structure of the object offers an assembly plan that further facilitates assembly work.
Advantage of manufacture and delivery times
Thanks to a modern production unit and a well-developed production process, timber trusses are created as fast as possible without loosing the quality, but it should be taken into account that it is necessary to order the roof construction design in advance in order to be able to plan the most advantageous delivery terms.

Exposed wooden trusses are ascetic roof constructions. They can be seen most often in warehouses or in barns, but today's architectural solutions alone use this roof construction solution to give the building individuality and greater space. Each client, when ordering a roof construction project, wants the construction not only to fulfill its direct function, but also to add extra value visually. For this reason, more and more builders and architects use exposed timber trusses for – retail space, large living room or dining room, churches, studios as well as outdoor spaces gazebo, open-air stage, garden constructions

In a nutshell, the exposed roof trusses are roof structures that are visible from the bottom. If they are installed correctly, then they can become one of the most impressive house design elements. Unlike conventional wooden trusses, in this solution ceilings are placed and installed above the roof trusses, leaving the structure visible. In this way, a wider space is obtained, thus improving the customer's level of comfort.


The choice of metal and timber trusses in construction has already become the standard choice for building roof. However, comparing these two solutions, it can be said that wooden trusses are not only a good solution but also an ecological and aesthetic design. Nowadays, many are confused by choosing between metal roof trusses or timber roof structures, so it's important to know the differences before starting a project.

Timber trusses are durable and can be installed much faster, saving time and resources. They effectively move the entire weight to the outer walls of the building. However, it is also important to choose the right solution here, since in the construction world it is possible to choose both wooden and metal roof trusses. Why, then, is the right choice for a good wooden bush? Learn more here.