Roof constructions

Convenient and economical solution, which is manufactured with excellent precision for efficient results.
Our roof trusses are very suitable for smaller buildings like residential houses, and also for bigger constructions like shopping malls. By replacing metal structures with timber roof trusses, you will reduce constructions costs by at least 15%.

By choosing timber truss solution when your project is in design stage, you will save space, as the construction of roof trusses does not require additional inner load-bearing walls. Construction costs will also significantly decrease. Since our timber trusses are manufactured with precision up to 2 millimeters, possible mistakes during the building process will be reduced to the minimum. Following customer's request, we are able to design the most complicated roof construction drawings.

Timber trusses is the fastest way to create a reliable and cost-efficient roof structure. Our roof truss manufacturing has been certified with European standard so every truss that we produce is pristine quality.

Depending on wishes and type of building, we are ready to help you and design the most suitable timber truss project for you.
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