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Saules paneļu uzstādīšana vai piemērota manam jumtam 1

Solar panels – are they compatible with my roof ?

The roof of a house can be compared to a hat, a helmet or any other headband – the main task is to protect the building from environmental influences. In the long run, any damage to the roof structure must be prevented immediately and preventive roof maintenance measures must be taken that includes the removal of dirt and debris and periodic removal of any plants such as mosses. Particular attention should be paid to autumn – the decomposing leaves on the roof are enough to damage the roof during some seasons. It is also necessary to examine the attic by assessing the presence of mold, which may indicate poor ventilation and improper ventilation, which can lead to damage to the house’s structure and shorten the roof life.

After summer heat, people often want to add roofs with solar panels in preparation for the next year. However, before making a decision in favor of solar panels, it is necessary to find out if the roof suits them. For example, if the roof covers most of the day with a shadow, installation of solar panels will not justify high installation costs. If according to shading, the roof is suitable for the installation of solar panels, it is necessary to make roof inspection and necessary roof improvements.

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Depending on the instructions of the solar panel manufacturers, the average solar panel lifetime is 30 to 40 years while it is capable of generating electricity. Accordingly, before installing the solar panel, the roof must comply with the installation conditions in order to guarantee not only the durability of the solar panel but also the roof construction’s durability. If the roof construction has shown some problems and those problem has been neutralized, the risk of complications in future roof maintenance will be reduced. Who would want to re-dismantle solar panels over time, with additional roof repairs that increase overall costs?

saules paneli uz jumta konstrukcijas

Sufficiently logical and understandable is to worry about the compliance of the roof to the installation of solar panels based on the roof’s age. A well-maintained roof can be quite suitable for solar panels, however, in order to guarantee it, a specialist’s assessment is required, which will test not only the roof but also the attic. The specialist will notice both potential problem points and point to places that require additional investment. Ideally, it would be desirable to repair the roofing joint areas without having to repair the entire roof.

saules paneli uz jumta konstrukcijas

Here are some tips to keep in mind about solar panel installation:

  • The roof is sufficiently flat and with a sufficiently wide free surface;
  • On average, for household needs, solar panels generate ~6.5 kW, which is equivalent to ~ 25 panels. Is the roof large enough?
  • Obstacles such as shadows from nearby trees or buildings should not be covered by the solar panel.