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Roof truss installation process

In the past roof trusses were both designed, manufactured and installed by construction professionals and experts, nowadays the technology has developedso now, the installation of timber trusses is more effortless than ever. This allows trusses to be installed by a person who is not a professional truss installer?

We, Freimans Timber Constructions, daily manufacture and design roof structures, placing the installation process in the hands of the client, who is responsible for both proper transportation and truss storage.

Roof truss installation

The installation of roof trusses is a complicated process only if no instructions are provided by the manufacturer. If the instructions are provided, then timber truss installation can be done efficiently and properly. The main thing to know for roof truss installation is proper timber truss lifting – the roof truss should not be raised at the top of the truss, which may seem like a complicated task if the crane is not available during the installation process.

However, a great alternative to an installation with crane is the mechanical lifting of trusses using a rope system (we recommend that you don’t use steel ropes as they can damaged truss).

Tips for buying a timber roof trusses:

Roof construction design

roof truss design creation

Roof constructions are available in different shapes and sizes, so the very first and most important task is to choose, with the help of an engineer, the right timber truss structure type. It can be done by the client without an engineer if the client has basic engineering skills, but you can also contact us and we will create the best solution for your project. 

Timber trusses manufacturing

timber truss manufacturing

Once the engineering work is done, then follows the roof truss manufacturing process, which is done accurately according to the chosen shape and size of the roof structure. When timber trusses are made, they are arranged and checked that all connections are in place. We remind you that the process of manufacture takes time, so please take note that you should order timber truss project before the start of construction.

Installation of the roof trusses

timber roof truss installation

In some cases, the trusses from the transportation vehicle are placed immediately on the building, otherwise, they must be placed on a leveled pallet and must be protected from the influence of the environment (rain, wind, and a major changes in temperature). As for the installation process, we recommend the use of a crane for the installation of timber trusses, saving both time and labour costs. However, if there isn’t available a lifting crane during the installation of the roof structure, all the initial attention should be directed to a gentle lifting of the truss with ropes without risk of damaging roof truss. For safety reasons, we recommend that you check the lifting capacity of the crane before starting the installation. During the lifting of the truss, the roof truss cannot be raised wrapping rope to its upper or lower part – if you lift it near the top or bottom, there is a risk that the truss will crack during lifting. The timber truss should be raised above ground so that full support from all sides are provided. If the weight and span of the truss is small, the timber truss can also be installed manually without the use of heavy machinery.

Installation of roof trusses with metal connections on a wall plate

timber truss plan

The key to success in the installation of roof trusses is the placement of trusses adjacent to the wall plate. Compound joints use metal bonding plates, making sure that they are fixed to the wall plate properly. At the customer’s request, a scheme is provided with detailed instructions on how and where to fix the metal joining plates.

How to make this process easier?

timber truss plan






To ensure the quality of timber trusses in the installation process, we Freimans Timber Constructions, ensure that we will give a number to each timber truss and decode the numbers in the installation plan. When doing the timber truss installation, it is not recommended to make changes to the delivered trusses and connections. Otherwise, such action may not only pose material damage but also weeken the structural integrity.