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Jumta konstrukcijas no Freimans

Roof structures by Freimans

To provide the rapidly growing field of construction with new solutions for load-bearing structures of roofs, Freimans SIA offers prefabricated timber trusses.

Our company bases on knowledge and constant development. We have justification to be proud both with software for calculation of structures RoofCon / TrussCon created by Swedish engineers CSCE (Construction Software Center Europe) and with world level technologic equipment of Austrian company “Wolf systems”.

Thus, gradually, we have mastered everything what is necessary; we have developed a thoughtful control system for complete supervision of the process of wood structure manufacturing and for ensuring the maximal possible quality to every client.

Roof structures for private houses

Technology of connecting timber with metal plates is widely applied in construction of dwelling houses. Such structural solution assists in much faster and economic installation of roof structure for you. The structural multiplicity just like the variety of details is unlimited.

Roof construction

Construction of production units, sheds, and warehouses

Building structures with toothed steel plates are applied in all types of edifices requiring large spans with reduced structure. For example, the maximal admissible span between two supports is 35 m. Roof structures can be made of different trusses: as gabled truss, as attic truss, as parallel trusses etc.

Special wood structures

Timber truss roof for horse arenaTimes change but the wood and its properties do not change. The wood is one of the most ancient building materials and its application in construction was in demand in past and will be in demand in future. It is a gratifying building material with rather diverse use from construction of small private houses until voluminous buildings with large continuous spans made of glued timber.

It is too early to say that the construction in Latvia takes all possibilities of modern timber structures. Reasons are common and generally known, related to lack of information and finance as well as understanding. For the present, only a part of potentialities of wooden structure is used in Latvia. The market offer involves wood frame panels, different Timber trusses; and use of large span trusses for production units and sheds, roof structures, forms, decorative materials of interior finishing, light-structure load-bearing columns etc increases.

For 2-storey private houses, structures of load-bearing and self-bearing walls, heat-insulated wood frame panels with partial finishing, and the most different roof structures (French roof trusses, ceiling beams, and roof trusses of different configuration) are available.

For public and industrial buildings, different roof structures even for covering of large spans without additional supports can be produced. The wood can be applied everywhere; concrete or reinforced concrete is preferred only in buildings requiring increased fire-safety or strength.

Advantage of trusses

Wood is always wood; even nowadays, similar dimensions and details are applied while the construction process is made easier by computer software that calculates strength and loads thus facilitating much more rational use of wood.

Science has provided the wood with possibility to become more durable and more fire-resistant. In comparison with other building materials, the wood is more homely. It shall be referred to subjective feelings; however, objective technical parameters of timber evidence on ecology, economy, lightness, and durability of the material.

In comparison with other materials of load-bearing profile, the wood is considerably cheaper; and in case of modifications in the project, it is easier to be subjected to changes asking for less expense than other materials. Time of installation matters as well; consequently, we can assert that the load-bearing structure of roof can be installed much faster than other load-bearing profiles of roof.

 Experience of Freimans

Raitis Freimanis, the Chairman of the Board of Freimans, first points that “Product manufactured by our company conforms to quality requirements set in the Europe; and we are in right to label our product with the CE mark.” Freimans is well-know in the Latvian market as a manufacturer of roof structures for private houses and for multi-storey buildings as well as for industrial and agricultural buildings.

Roof structures are in demand both in new projects and in projects of renovation. In order to follow deadlines, collaboration partners of the company perform installation works; thus, practice obtained during several years guarantees a quality outcome. Small but vocal example: installation of roof in area of 700 m2 takes about 3 working days for specialists of our company.

However, in case the client is sure about its professional skills and chooses acquisition of roof structure only, specialists of the company inform in details about mistakes, which might/should not be admitted:

  • You have to pay attention on piling of the ready structures on site: height of package may not exceed 1.5 m. Otherwise, the structure will become deformed.
  • Structures have to be lifted by tying them in respective places.
  • During installation, the construction may not be loaded* unless it is mutually tied by wind ties (*the structure is loaded by its own weight as well); otherwise, the structure can become deformed and loose its load carrying capacity.

In order to define the expense of your roof structure, just send your project drawings to e-mail  [email protected] and our specialists will elaborate for you the most beneficial solution of wooden structure!