Project design


We will create the most effective solution for your roof construction and will create a price quote for timber trusses

250 .00


Certified engineer accept of the solution

Certified engineer will go thru all the project and check calculations for the project. KK section will be added to you project.

3 Project modifications

A precise roof truss plan will be created based on the width of the building and other indicators. If necessary, the designer will make 3 edits.

3D visualization

3D visualization added to the PDF project file will help you spatially view the timber truss project for your building.

High priority

Your project will be considered as a priority and its creation deadlines will not exceed agreed date.

3D model

In order for you to see the roof construction solution from any angle, a 3D file will be created in the required format (Sketchup, DXF, etc.).

Timber truss drawings

Our professional roof designers will create a precise drawing of the roof trusses.

Price quote

A precise pricing quote will be made which will include: timber truss costs, shipping costs and other additional costs.


Professional Design Project


We will create the most effective solution with KK section included for your roof construction and will offer price quote for truss purchase

Order design