Excellent market experience
Freimans is the leading timber truss company in Latvia, that operates in the industry for already 12 years under the leadership of Raitis Freimanis. Throughout our period of activity, we have gained professional experience and high-quality knowledge about the development of various timber trusses and roof constructions.
Our truss manufacturer experience has been highly rated by the leading real estate developers in Europe and other clients. Our clients will always receive the best quality product and an appealing price. We are not afraid to take all responsibility that is necessary for a successful project - from designing stage to manufacturing timber trusses.
Freimans company is continually developing. You would ask how? By improving and regularly training our employees, we are able to implement our ambitions and growth in order to achieve the highest level of design and production. We always focus on the highest possible quality, optimal costs and short terms for the customer to be satisfied after the project is done.
We offer roof construction designs which are made with popular Swedish software RoofCon (TrussCon). It means that client is able to see the drawings in 3D format even before the production has started. As a professional company, our main task is to find the most advantageous construction costs and manufacture the highest quality product according to your project. We are always ready to assist you on simple to more complex roof constructions project.