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Freimans nostiprina identitāti ar jaunu mājaslapu

Freimans strengthens identity with a new homepage

Since August, Freimans Timber Constructions designed a professional and easy to use website. We gave the classic look a great value and created a new, more modern design that simultaneously represents the new identity of the company.

With the new homepage and improvements made in it, we have also become international, publishing all information in five languages – Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, English and French. It interduces the company’s offer of products for overseas customers. The European market is very large, and many international clients communicate in English as well as in French. This solution is a great step towards international communication between the customer and our company.

Three understandable designing models

From now on you can order the roof construction project directly from the website, choosing from the three categories – free, high priority and professionals.

If you are still not convinced that you want a roof construction project, use the free price quote to find out project costs and get a blueprint to see how the project might look like.

If you already know that you will use timber trusses, use a second model. You will receive information on the total cost and the drawing, in which three changes can be made, as well as 3D visualization, which will more accurately see what the final result will look like. You will receive a ready-made project in a week. The last model will give you engineered drawings in a timely manner. All this information can be found at the bottom of the homepage.


News and professional information

In addition to the blog, we also invite you to get acquainted with our news, as well as a newsletter that will help you find out about the company’s latest achievements, collaborations, and new professional ambitions as well as future goals. This is a great way for the customer not only to be informed about the specifics of the industry before choosing his project but also to get to know all that is happening in Freimans Timber Constructions world.