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Fermes de bois apparentes un véritable atout design dans tout bâtiment

Exposed timber trusses: a true design element in any building

Exposed timber trusses have been mostly used in refurbished warehouses and even barns, but nowadays more and more architects are choosing to include them as a stylish element in residential house projects, in order to give the building a somewhat historical feeling. The client, when ordering a timber truss project, wants the construction not only to perform its function but also to look good. That’s why the trusses are used more and more for indoors (retail space, large living room or dining room, churches, studios) and outdoor spaces (arbor, an open-air stage, garden constructions).

In a nutshell, the exposed roof trusses is a structure that is visible from under roof area. If they are installed correctly, then they can become one of the most impressive building elements. The difference from conventional timber trusses is that the ceilings are placed and mounted above the roof trusses, leaving the structure visible. In this way, a wider space is obtained, thus improving the customer’s level of comfort. Although these trusses are ornamental, they are still very suitable even for the construction of industrial buildings, since they are specially designed to withstand individual load.

The inside of the house is often wrapped in gypsum board, paint and wallpaper. However, there are some materials that are better off and attract attention without any further processing. That’s why the exposed wooden trusses prove that they will look stylish not only for large-scale, industrial projects but also for residential buildings.

The most commonly used exposed roof trusses are used to cover the entire space from one end to the other, without placing any additional support in the middle. This is a solution that can create an impressive and unique look.

Timber much better than metal trusses in point of design

When you start to think about how the building looks functional from the outside and inside, exposed wooden trusses are far superior to metal roof constructions. Timber design often complements the theme of a building, such as a cathedral or a seafront cottage. Interestingly, the design can be adapted to the interior and style of the building that the customer wants to put into the room. The brushes can be lubricated, painted in the desired tones or left in their natural look. In short, individual choices, in this case, are unlimited.

Benefits of exposed timber trusses:

  • They look visually appealing and more exclusive, providing an authentic and traditional touch;
  • The design is an important part of the roof frame, which adds extra durability and extends the life of the roof;
  • No need to stick to one specific design. With the help of the best specialists and new technologies, even a couple of design options can be created, giving the customer a better experience and choice.