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The type of roofing and the quality of its installation is crucial for the building in order to get the architect intended style.
Universal, but at the same time adaptable to individual needs and energy efficient
In this article, you will learn all about timber trusses – the types of trusses, the benefits of a truss, the cost of the project, and the right way
Studies show that 25-30% (uSwitch) of heat is lost throughout the roof, so one of the easiest ways to reduce heat loss and carbon emissions, improve home energy efficiency,
The choice of the roof structure and the materials used for home exterior walls depend on the choice of roofing.
Exposed timber trusses have been mostly used in refurbished warehouses and even barns, but nowadays more and more architects
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Choosing other roof structures with timber trusses has already become the standard
9 main advantages of timber trusses in comparison with similar rafter structures, glued timber structures, and steel structures: