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6 important tips before you order timber trusses

Timber trusses in construction process save a lot of time and decrease workload which helps to speed up the construction of your project while decresing work hours required to install the trusses while also decreasing the costs for whole construction.

1. Plan your purchase of timber trusses

Timber trusses are a unique product, so each individual project is different and created with a highly qualified engineer. That is why we ask our clients to order the project creation and price offer immediately after you start the construction.

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2. Measure twice, cut once

When the timber truss manufacture has been started it is impossible to change any project specifics, because if changes are made after we have started the manufacturing process, we will have to manufacture new elements and use a new batch of materials. That is why we recommend finalizing the construction plan before you order timber trusses.

installation of timber trusses with a crane

3. Timber truss installation using a lifting crane

To install timber trusses in most cases you will need special machinery – lifting crane that will list the trusses onto the building. The second option to install the timber trusses is using the rope method but we would recommend using a lifting crane which will be much faster and much easier. An important tip is to plan the installation before the arrival of the crane and gather the required amount of people to help you with, as usual, the crane rental will be under an hourly contract.

4. Timber truss installation using a lifting crane

If you choose to install timber trusses using the rope method, you will avoid the fast pace environment which would be present using a crane to install the trusses. But the downside is that it will require you a lot of time to install trusses onto the building and it is riskier for an inexperienced installer. Nonetheless which method you select the installation process is not a one mans job.

installation of timber trusses with a crane

5. Installing first timber truss

The largest attention in timber truss installation process should be paid to the first truss. Make sure it is precisly placed in required possiton and securelly mounted. It is important as the first truss will determine if the whole roof will be correctly installed and would maintain the highest designed integrity. For each client, we create an individual installation plan where we mark each truss with a specific number and show the place where truss should be installed.

6. Installation using a pneumatic nail gun

Using pneumatic nail gun the timber truss installation process will be faster and in higher quality than without it. But before using this construction tool pay a large amount of attention to safety and be confident that you know how to use one.